29 + 1 DVD Packshot
29 + 1 DVD Packshot

29 + 1 (DVD)

29+1 is a 2017 Hong Kong romantic drama film directed by Kearen Pang. It is an adaptation of Pang’s own one-woman show, 29+1. The film stars Chrissie Chau and Joyce Cheng and follows two women who share the same birthday and are at life’s crossroads as they are about to turn 30. 《29+1》是彭秀慧执导,金燕玲、周秀娜、郑欣宜、蔡瀚亿、梁祖尧等联袂主演的剧情片。 影片改编自彭秀慧执导的香港同名舞台剧,讲述两位女生用截然不同的人生态度迎接即将到来的三十岁的故事。2016年10月,影片成为香港亚洲电影节的闭幕电影。
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Product Description

The film premiered at the 12th Osaka Asian Film Festival where it won the Audience Award.

29 + 1 Sypnosis
30 is said to be a transitional age for women. Faced with work stress from an unexpected promotion, aging parents, a stagnant relationship and her impending birthday, 29-year-old Christy is gripped by insecurity about her present and future. Meanwhile, the carefree and optimistic Joyce makes a different choice at the age of 29, by packing her bags and pursuing her childhood dream. The two strangers who share the same birthdate form a connection when Christy moves into Joyce`s apartment and reads her diaries. Christy learns that though Joyce is not as accomplished, her life is fully lived.

这是一个发生在二零零五年的故事。林若君(周秀娜饰),一个土生土长的典型香港都市女性。她即将踏入“三字头”,开始拥有大部分同年女子的忧虑:压力升级的工作挑战,双亲年纪老迈却越变啰嗦,稳定但仿如鸡肋的爱情关系…… 种种不安突然来袭,更令她对三十岁感到前所未有的恐惧。黄天乐(郑欣宜饰),同样是快将三十的女生,却踏着不一样的人生路:未尝恋爱,事业一事无成然而永远乐天知命,生日前她决定提起行李箱完成儿时梦想。她们互不认识,性格各异,因缘际会林却搬进了黄的家,没想到二人竟是同年同月同日出生,林若君通过黄天乐的日记阅读著对方人生点滴,两个女子在空气中互相融合,影响。

29 + 1 Trailer

Technical Information
Audio Tracks: Mandarin / Cantonese
Subtitle: Chinese / English
Rated: PG13
Release Date: 8/12/2017
Running Time: Approx. 1 hr 51 mins
Number of Discs: 1 DVD

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