From Vegas to Macau 3 (DVD)

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From Vegas to Macau 3 Synopsis

At the wedding of Ken’s (Chow Yun Fat) daughter, Rainbow (Kimmy Tong) and his protégé, Vincent (Shawn Yue), Michael Chan (Andy Lau), warns Mark (Nick Cheung) that someone wants to kill Ken.
Suddenly, an explosion goes off at the wedding. The newlyweds go into a coma from a severe concussion. Enraged, Ken swears to get vengeance.
A mysterious tycoon, J.C. (Jacky Cheung) invites Michael and Ko Chun to his birthday party. J.C. wants to humiliate Ko at the gambling table; luckily, Ken is smart enough to crack all the tricks along with Michael, Mark and Kitty (Li Yuchun). Realising that his tricks do not work, J.C. drugs Ken unconscious.
On the other hand, Michael, Mark, and Kitty find out J.C. is in fact Molly’s (Carina Lau) die-hard pursuer and is likely to be the mastermind setting Ken up. Meanwhile, J.C. has brought the unconscious Ken to his high-tech lab to “visit Molly”…

在石一坚(周润发饰)的女儿阿彩(童菲饰)和他的大徒弟阿乐(余文乐饰) 的婚礼, 小马(张家辉饰)突然收到师兄陈刀仔(刘德华饰)来电,指有人要对付石一坚,请他们小心。
一名神秘大亨易天行(张学友饰)突然到访,邀请刀仔及高进(周润发分饰)等参加其在泰国天堂岛举办的生日晚宴兼慈善赌局。慈善赌局上,易天行要让高进惨败; 所幸石一坚、小马、刀仔及高菲(李宇春饰)等智勇双全,一一破招。易天行见未能得逞,遂将石一坚迷晕。

From Vegas to Macau 3 Trailer

Technical Information

Audio Tracks: Dolby Digital 5.1 Mandarin / Cantonese
Subtitle: Chinese / English 
Rated: NC16
Release Date: 23/06/16
Running Time: Approx. 113 min
Number of discs: 1 DVD



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