Married But Available 我瞒结婚了 (TVB Drama DVD)

Married But Available is a fashioned comedy drama serial produced by TVB under executive producer Leung Choi-yuen. It focuses on the hidden marriage couples in Hong Kong and even mainland China. Married But Available stars Tony Hung, Raymond Wong, Priscilla Wong, Kelly Fu, Alice Chan and Hugo Ng. 《我瞒结婚了》是香港TVB制作的时装爱情剧,由洪永城、黄翠如、黄浩然、陈炜、傅嘉莉、吴岱融、庄思敏及郑诗君主演,梁材远监制,蔡淑贤担任编辑。该剧主要讲述一对在办公室分属不同阵营的夫妇,为了获取各自上司的信任而选择瞒婚并因此而经历了感情波折的故事。
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Product Description


一场意外而结婚 工作关系要瞒婚
瞒婚引发后遗症 婚外情各自精采

Product Information
Starring: Tony Hung (洪永城) | Priscilla Wong (黄翠如) | | Raymond Wong (黄浩然) | Alice Chan (陈炜) | Kelly Fu (傅嘉莉)
Rated: PG13
Audio Tracks: Cantonese | Chinese
Subtitle: English | Chinese
Number of episodes: 20
Number of discs: 4 High Definition DVDs

Married But Available 我瞒结婚了 Synopsis

Due to a life-or-death situation, lovebirds AU YEUNG TSZ-CHUNG (Tony Hung) and CHU MING-MING (Priscilla Wong) hastily get married while travelling overseas. By coincidence, they get to work in the same company after returning to Hong Kong. MING-MING’s supervisor SZE LO-KA (Alice Chan) hates marriage after her divorce from her ex-husband CHEUNG KIN-KWOK (Hugo Ng). She devotes all of her time to work, and hires MING-MING as her personal assistant by offering her a very high salary. To improve the quality of her life, MING-MING has to conceal her marital status, leaving TSZ-CHUNG no other choice but to cooperate with her while keeping his guard up. On the one hand, TSZ-CHUNG stays loyal to his supervisor/best friend, CHEUNG CHIN-POK (Raymond Wong), and is constantly against LO-KA. On the other hand, he has to remain silent even after seeing CHIN-POK pursue MING-MING. Later on, TSZ-CHUNG re-encounters his childhood best friend, KEI MAN-YEE (Kelly Fu). Just as he feels so vulnerable, MAN-YEE shows him unconditional love, therefore he cannot help falling in love with her. Everything seems like a dream until he suddenly comes to realise that MAN-YEE is actually CHIN-POK’s younger sister, which eventually escalates the tensions between the complicated relationships……


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