Blue Veins 殭 (TVB Drama DVD)

The fictional show is about nine immortal humans who fight against vampires. 《僵》是香港电视广播有限公司拍摄制作的时装僵尸电视剧,由郑嘉颖、谢安琪、陈凯琳、陈山聪、关礼杰等主演,陈维冠担任监制。
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Product Description

Blue Veins 殭 Trailer 精彩预告
Product Information
DVD: DVD-9 Dual Layer
Audio: Cantonese / Mandarin
Subtitles: English / Chinese
Number of Episodes: 35

Blue Veins 殭Synopsis 剧情简介

Ying Wut-cheuk (Kevin Cheng), a 500-year-old “undead” superhuman, has made it his life’s mission to vanquish vampires. He travels all over the world to hunt them down, changing his identity every 20 years. In the Netherlands, he meets the forensic pathologist Lam Mung-nam (Kay Tse), who takes a strong attraction to him.

While pursuing the vampire Ling Fung (Joel Chan), Wut-cheuk travels back to Hong Kong, where he discovers an odd relationship between the vampire and Mung-nam. He settles in and starts a midnight diner to investigate. During this time, he meets Mung-nam’s younger sister Mung-yiu (Grace Chan), and her two college friends Ho Yuet (Anjaylia Chan) and Yau Ling-mui (Winki Lai), both with mysterious pasts. Mung-yiu catches Wut-cheuk’s attention, as she resembles his wife from 400 years ago.

Despite Mung-nam’s identity as a vampire, Wut-cheuk falls in love with her. Mung-nam also manages to put her life back together and recover from a strange sickness. However, Wut-cheuk’s rival, the undead Pong Ying-tin (Eddie Kwan), is determined to capture Mung-nam for himself.

Order is thrown into chaos when Ling Fung recruits a team of vampires to strike havoc around the city. Wut-cheuk and Mung-nam are entrenched in a century-old feud between the vampires and the undead, with no escape.



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