Are You Human Too? 너도 인간이니? 你也是人类吗? (Korean Drama DVD9)

Oh Laura, a renowned scientist, was forced to part with her young son, Nam Shin to cope with her loss. Over the years, she builds various AI robots modelled after him naming them Nam Shin I, II and III. Decades later, after surviving an attempt on his life. Nam Shin slips into a coma to protect his position as the heir to a chaebol. Laura Senos Nam Shin III to take his place and fulfil his outies. Kang So Bong was a member of Nam Shin’s security detail until she was disgracefully dismissed. She becomes Nam Shin III’s bodyguard, determined to get to the bottom of his strange comments and behaviour. However, she gets more than what she’s bargained for when she starts falling for him and has to keep him safe from the very people who’d tried to murder Nam Shin. 财阀3世陷入了昏迷状态,他的妈妈制造了和他长得一模一样的人工智慧机器人,并让人工智慧机器冒充他,导致人工智慧机器人卷入财阀家的血腥权力竞争中。
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