大帥哥 The Learning Curve of a Warlord (TVB Drama DVD) (Collector’s Edition)

在軍閥割據年代,小小伍長狄奇(張衛健飾)胸無大志,靠蠱惑腦袋、三寸不爛之舌打諢二十年。一次因拯救大元帥蒙大同( 蔡國慶飾),被連升七級,成為昇威鎮的土皇帝。讓三位盤踞鎮外的軍閥李細龜(張達倫飾)、麥先根(彭懷安飾)及佘南(古明華飾),氣得眼裡噴火,伺機對付。狄奇幸得三位出生入死的兄弟馬炭(洪永城飾)、羅義(徐榮飾)及冬來(李嘉飾)同心抗敵,還威迫利誘武器專才顧落蘆(曹永廉飾)加盟,五人在昇威鎮才能站穩陣腳。狄奇有三位姨太太葉天嬌(譚凱琪飾)、艾妞(楊秀惠飾)及張浣婉(蔡思貝飾),終日爭寵,浣婉更是革命黨元,狄奇明知其身份仍留她在身邊,隨時惹禍上身。軍營中有人野心勃勃,加上軍閥及日本勢力虎視眈眈,另狄奇陷入絕境⋯⋯ In the Warlord Era, DIK KEI (Dicky Cheung) is a lowly captain without any ambition. He has been using his crafty ideas and fast-talking to survive the past twenty years. Due to successfully saving Marshal MUNG TAI-TUNG (Tsai Kwok Hing), he is successively promoted seven grades and becomes a bully calling the shots in Sing Wai Town. Three warlords, namely, LI SAI-KWAI (Max Cheung), MAK SIN-GAN (Eddie Pang) and SHEH NAM (Jerry Ku), in an adjacent territory really hate their new neighbour and are plotting to wreak havoc. Fortunately, DIK KEI has three loyal brothers, namely, MA TAN (Tony Hung), LAW YEE (Tsui Wing) and TUNG LOI (Oscar Li) to help him handle the enemies. They even coerce weapons expert KOO LOK-LO (Raymond Cho) to join their team. The quintet eventually manage to gain a foothold in Sing Wai Town. DIK KEI has three mistresses, namely, YIP TIN-KIU (Zoie Tam), NGAI NAU (Vivien Yeo) and CHEUNG YUEN-YUEN (Sisley Choi) DIK KEI puts himself in danger as he knows YUEN-YUEN is a revolutionary, but he still lets her keep him company. Some people are getting overly ambitious at the military camp. Also, warlords and Japanese forces are watching very closely, causing DIK KEI’s situations to get increasing precarious.
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