兄弟 Fist Fight (TVB Drama DVD) (Collector’s Edition)

來自英國的保鑣主管夏天行(楊明),到港後奉命保護網絡教主張非凡(王浩信),順道尋覓身世線索。非凡行事張狂,還藉舉辦拳賽掩護竊密黑客赴港,期間屢遇險境麻煩,幸得天行一一化解。事件引來火爆刑警何鐵男(伍允龍)關注,決心全力追查。原來鐵男曾因一時衝動犯下不可告人的過失,性格亦漸走偏鋒。拳賽同時激發三人的好戰天性,他們又逐漸發現彼此擁有相同的感應能力,藉以互助互救。而三人背後的隱密連繫,更牽涉逾二十年前的金融風暴之戰⋯⋯ Certified Protection Officer (CPO) HA TIN-HANG (Mat Yeung) is relocated from England to Hong Kong on a mission to protect a web leader named CHEUNG FEI-FAN (Vincent Wong), while searching for his birth family. Flamboyant and conceited FEI-FAN holds a sham boxing championship to cover the arrival of hackers, but gets himself into trouble in the process, fortunately TIN-HANG manages to help him out. The incident attracts the attention of a hot-headed cop named HO TIT-HAM made an unspeakable mistake on impulse, resulting in a radical change of his personality. With the boxing championship rousing their combative instincts, the gradual discovery of their telepathic abilities enables them to help each other through that common bond. Such an underlying close connection can even be traced back to a financial crisis twenty years ago……
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