是咁的,法官閣下 OMG! Your Honour (TVB Drama DVD) (Collector’s Edition)

范小宇(黃智賢)何饒力宏(關禮傑)是城中打刑事案著稱的大律師,兩人相識三十年,是同學也是同門,卻打從進入法律學院第一天便結怨。畢業後二人首次交手,小宇懷疑力宏暗中做了手腳才贏得官司,二人積怨更深。小宇感情失意時遇上女主播莫希萊(王君馨),閃婚後只維持數月便分居。希萊因緣際會遇上力宏,甚是投緣;力宏的介入令他與小宇這對冤家更加糾纏不清。兩人互不咬弦,但雙方的徒弟卻分屬好友,不過律師生涯非想像中風光。六位新晉律師夏心寧(麥明詩)、趙金水(梁烈唯)、董丹橋(王梓軒),鄧大志(黎振燁)、黃瞳(林秀怡)和布仲謙(林景程),與兩位師父一方面守住法律,一方面跌跌撞撞的成長⋯ FAN SIU-YEE (Ben Wong) and YOUNG LIK-WANG (Eddie Kwan) are well-known barristers for criminal cases. Even though they have known each other for 30 years, they became enemies since the first day in law school. During their court case after graduation. SIU-YEE meets the TV anchor Mok HEI-LOI (Grace Wong) after losing his love. They get married swiftly but they separate after a few months. HEI-LOI meets LIK-WANG by chance and they got along really well. The love triangle has further worsened the relationship between SIU-YEE and LIK-WANG. On the contrary, their pupils have become friends but a lawyer’s life is not as good as what they think. Together with their two masters, the six pupils HA SUM-NING (Louisa Mak), CHIU KAM-SHUI (Oscar Leung), TUNG TAN-KU (Jonathan Wong), TUNG TAN-KIU (Jonathan Wong), TANG TAI-CHI (Jackson Lai), WONG TUNG (Kirby Lam) work hard to uphold law and justice while developing their skills and potentials stumblingly…
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