跳躍生命線 Life on the Line (TVB Drama DVD) (Collector’s Edition)

妻子章蕙芯(李佳芯)死於一宗司機醉駕事故後,救護總隊目麥在田(馬德鐘飾)跟獨女諾兒、姐姐愛花(張文慈飾)、小姨章可祈(劉佩玥飾)共同生活。在田因喪妻一事痛恨不守規矩、任意妄為的人和事,公事上鐵面無私!新下屬卓家傑(何廣沛飾)為人衝動,與在田常生磨擦。此外,調任見習救護主任的上級譚嘉俊(羅天宇飾)凡事追求完美,更處處針對家傑,令隊員壓力大增;在田作為中間橋樑,苦心經營,力求維繫隊員的團結及合作精神同時希望培育出色的救護精英,在不同個案挑戰中,搶救更多寶貴生命⋯⋯ Ever since his wife CHEUNG WAI-SUM (Ali Lee) was killed by a drunk driver, Principal Ambulanceman MAK CHAY-TIN (Joe Ma) has been living together with his only daughter LOK-YEE, older sister OI-FA (Pinky Cheung) and sister-in-law CHEUNG HO-KEI (Moon Lau). The loss of his wife makes CHAY-TIN hate those rule-breakers and any reckless behaviours. At work, he is stern about everything! His new subordinate CHEUK KA-KIT (Matthew Ho) acts on impulse, and conflict often ensues as a result. Moreover, as a perfectionist, their new superior Probationary Ambulance Officer TAM JA-CHUN (Joey Law) constantly picks on KA-KIT, adding extra pressure to their teammates. Caught in the middle, CHAY-TIN works relentlessly to bridge the differences between them in an effort to promote a spirit of teamwork, cultivating an elite rescue unit to save more lives when facing a variety of challenges……
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