再創世紀 Another Era (TVB Drama DVD) (Collector’s Edition)

2008年金融海嘯席捲全球,野心商人賀天生(郭晉安)欲趁機吞併香港首府方松蔭(胡楓)的集團,惟最後遭富商桌啟堂(潘志文)出手阻撓。天生懷恨在心,伺機報仇。10年後,成為首富的卓家,卻遭到天降橫禍,啟堂因兒子意外離世大受打擊,心臟病發昏迷,不諳世事的幼女卓定垚(周勵淇)為守護家業者,在私募基金代理人高哲(林文龍)的扶助下,與天生展開連場商戰。隨著啟堂甦醒,天生妻子章明晞(楊怡),松蔭之孫方澤雨(袁偉豪)、創業青年程凱(周柏豪),紛紛加入戰局。眾人的恩仇命運糾纏在一起,勢必掀起又一場世紀之戰⋯⋯ In 2008, as the tsunami of financial chaos engulfed the world , ambitious entrepreneur HO TIN-SANG (Kwok Chun On) saw the opportunity seeking to take over the richest man in Hong Kong, FONG CHUNG-YAM’s (Wu Fong) business empire, but was interfered by another business magnate CHEUK KAI-TONG (Pat Poon). Bearing animosity towards him, TIN-SANG has been seeking revenge since then. Ten years later, the now wealthiest Cheuk family is overshadowed by misfortune. The sudden death of KAI-TONG’s son comes as a crushing blow to KAI-TONG, who lapses into a coma after a heart attack. To keep their business going, his inexperience younger daughter CHEUK DING-YIU (Chow Lai Ki, Niki), with the help of private enquiry placement agent, KO CHIT (Frankie Lam), faces off with TIN-SANG. With KAI-TONG regaining consciousness, TIN-SANG’s wife CHEUNG MING-HEI (Tavia Yeung), CHUNG-YAM’s grandson FONG CHAK-YU (Benjamin Yuen) and aspiring young entrepreneur CHING HOI (Chau Pak Ho) also get involved in the ever-escalating power struggle. The enmity among them will soon intensify towards a full-blown rivalry……
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