Story of Yanxi Palace 延禧攻略 (TVB Drama DVD) Collector’s Edition

乾隆六年,少女魏瓔珞為尋求長姐死亡真相,入紫禁城為宮女。富察皇后嫻於禮法,擔心瓔珞走上歧途,竭力給予她溫暖與幫助。其後皇后不辛崩逝,令瓔珞對乾隆誤會重重,二人從互相敵視到最終彼此理解、互相扶持,最終成為襄助乾隆盛世的令貴妃。 直到瓔珞去世前,她才將當年富察皇后臨終託付告知乾隆,輔助他做一個有為明君。乾隆六十年,乾隆帝宣示魏瓔珞之子嘉親王永琰為皇太子,同時追封皇太子生母令懿皇貴妃為孝儀皇后,瓔珞終於用自己的一生,實現了對富察皇后的承諾。 In the 6th year of the region of EMPEROR QIANLONG (Nie Yuan), to find the truth of her elder sister’s death, young lady WEI YINGLUO (Wu Jin Yan) becomes a lady-in-waiting in the Forbidden City. EMPRESS FUCA (Qin Lan) is a respected and virtuous person. Not wanting YINGLUO to take the wrong path in life, she spares no effort in showing her warmth and support. Unfortunately, the death of EMPRESS causes YINGLUO to misunderstand QIANLONG. The initial hostility between them eventually transforms into mutual understanding and support. YINGLUO is finally promoted to NOBLE CONSORT LING. Before her death, YINGLUO tells QIANLONG about the late EMPRESS FUCA’s last wish, which was for YINGLUO to stay beside him and help him become a capable ruler. In the 60th year of QIANLONG’s reign, WEI YINGLUO’s son PRINCE JIAQING YONGYAN is installed as the Crown Prince, whose birth mother ROYAL NOBLE CONSORT LINGYI is posthumously honored as EMPRESS XIAOYI. Eventually, YINGLUO has dedicated her whole life to fulfilling her promise to EMPRESS FUCA.
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