Escape Plan 2: Hades (DVD)

Years after Ray Breslin (three-time ACADEMY AWWARD© nominee and GOLDEN GLOBE© winner Sylvester Stallone) fought his way out of escape-proof prison called “The Tomb”, he’s organized a new top-notch, for-hire security force. But when one of the Breslin’s team, the cool-as-ice wing Chun master Shu (Chinese superstar Xiaoming Huang), goes missing — inside a computerized techno-terror battle-maze known as HADES, where human combatants brawl like beasts — Breslin goes back into a secret lock-up to save his friend. Costarring David Bautista (“Guardians of the Galaxy,” the James Bond hit “Spectre”) as a deadly acquaintance of Breslin’s, and 50 cent returning as Ray Breslin’s surveillance expert pal Hush, ESCAPE PLAN 2: HADES promises audiences one hell of a ride.
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