A Korean Odyssey 화유기 花遊記 (Collector’s Edition) Korean Drama DVD

Son Oh-gong (Monkey King) was once a powerful god but due to his arrogance, he is banished to the human world with his power sealed. Only finding the monk (Jin Sun-mi), and drinking her fresh blood will allow Son Oh-gong to regain his power back. When Son Oh-gong finally encounters Jin Sun-mi, instead of reacquiring his power, he finds himself falling deeply in love with her due to a spell. Woo Ma-wang has to take care of Oh-gong due to his mistake in the past, which is the biggest obstacle of him being the Supernatural Immortal. Join their journey of finding the lights in the dark world. 《花遊記》是一部取材於古典小說《西遊記》,將其再創造的現代奇幻愛情羅曼史故事。講述了擁有致命頹廢美的齊天大聖孫悟空和三藏法師在2017年魔鬼猖獗黑暗的世界裡尋找光芒的旅程故事。
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