Money Flower 돈꽃 金钱花 (Collector’s Edition) Korean Drama DVD

Managing director Kang Pil-joo is envied by many inside the Chungah Group where he is known for his intelligence and high-performance. He keeps his real identity a secret from the Chungah Group founding family and serves them like an obedient servant but he is actually grooming them for his scheme. His plan was to make Mo-hyun fall in love with him for his revenge, but he finds himself falling in desperately in love with her free-spirited personality. The “Money Flower” portrays a story of interlinked relationship between Pil-joo who is capable of bringing down Chungah, Mo-hyun who seeks love and a young Chungah Group scion named Bu-cheon. And these characters all come to the fore as money dictates their lives in a web of desire, greed and love. 青阿集團戰略企劃室常務理事姜弼週以聰慧敏銳的頭腦和出色的辦事能力受到人們的艷羨和嫉妒。他隱瞞自己是青阿集團的骨肉,充當青阿一家的走狗,但其實他是“調教主人的狗”。他為了復仇想以愛情為手段,但遇到自由棄放的慕賢後反倒陷入愛情的陷阱。《金錢花》通過青阿一家的關鍵人物弼週,一心想獲得命中注定的愛情的慕賢,危機四伏的富三代富川,以及富川的秘密情人瑞元之間的四角關係,描寫出被金錢支配的人們心中的慾望和愛情。寒冬盛開的又甜又苦的《金錢花》在我們身邊綻放。
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