Black Knight 黑骑士 (Collector’s Edition) Korean Drama DVD

What can and can’t be seen? What exists that can’t be perceived? What if there is a type of power that we are unable to feel and don’t know about? Supplementing that unknown mysterious power with our imagination, we’ve created a love story between a man and a woman. KBS Drama is a romance drama about a man who accepts his risky fate for the woman he loves. 有些東西,肉眼看不到它,但它的確存在卻不為人知。人類無從感知也尚未發現它是一個怎樣的存在。 在這個神秘之力加上一點人類的想像力, 創造了一對男女的愛情故事。 KBS電視劇《黑騎士》是講述了純情派男主為了心愛的女人, 不惜捲入危險命運之中的溫暖的愛情故事。
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