BB來了 Who Wants A Baby (DVD)

意外懷孕令唐恬兒(李佳芯)和葉致廷(黎諾懿)夫妻二人大失預算, 本可寄望雙方母親大人的幫忙, 可惜兩老育嬰方式南轅北轍, 衝突頻生, 令夫妻落入24小時無間湊女地獄, 為勢所迫終請來陪月達人王佳妙(楊卓娜)救亡。 因為BB來了,令恬兒狠心告別時尚愛美的事業, 致廷要遠離夜夜笙歌的品味人生, 恬兒更為事業轉型及爭取時間照顧女兒, 毅然接手經營陪月中介公司, 經佳妙穿針引線接觸不少雇主和陪月, 令恬兒對母親這新身分別有一番體會, 但與致廷卻漸行漸遠, 更懷疑他與酒吧同時許晴(高海寧)有染; 誰料到致廷因一次意外中勇救小孩而成了網紅的「絕世好爸」, 另陪月公司竄升育嬰界KOL, 带来翻天地覆的⋯⋯ An unexpected pregnancy catches couple TONG TIM-YEE (Ali Lee) and IP CHI-TING (Lai Lok Yi) off guard, so they hire an experienced confinement nanny, WONG KAI-MIU (Griselda Yeung), to help them. The arrival of her newborn forces TIM-YEE to change her career and take over a post-natal care agency. In her role as a new mom, she is struck with a newfound appreciation, but feels like she and her husband are growing apart. She even suspects that he has an affair with his coworker bartender HUI CHING (Samantha Ko). Surprisingly, CHI-TING captivates the internet after bravely saving a child in an accident, and is dubbed the “greatest dad” ever, turning thing upside down……
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