天命 Succession War (TVB Drama DVD)

和坤(陳展鵬)才智過人, 深得乾隆帝寵信, 權傾朝野, 營私植黨, 人稱「二皇帝」。 皇十五子永琰(譚俊彥)看似平庸, 與世無爭, 遂得和坤相中, 扶植為皇位繼承人。 嘉慶四年,乾隆駕崩,嘉慶帝先後說服和坤兒子豐紳殷德(何廣沛)以及心腹福長安(陳山聰)倒戈相向,意圖以雷霆手段將和坤及其黨羽一舉殲滅。 然而老謀深算的和坤早有對策, 不但化解嘉慶連番攻擊; 更反客為主, 揭出皇貴妃(李施嬅)一段不可告人的秘密, 令家慶腹背受敵! 和坤二夫人長媚(姚子羚)和紅顏知己豆蔻(唐詩詠)亦在宮中與江湖上分頭行事, 令一向支持家慶的親弟永璘(張穎康)與之反目成仇, 而白蓮教也在江湖上與風作浪, 令家慶陷入絕境。 豈料天命難違⋯⋯ HESHEN (Ruco Chan), brilliant and favoured by EMPEROR QIANLONG, has influence over the throne. He forges extensive factional alliances for shared venality and is dubbed the “Second Emperor”. PRINCE YONGYAN (Shaun Tam), the 15th son of the Emperor, appears mediocre with no ambition, so is selected by HESHEN as first line to the throne. After the death of QIANLONG in the 4th year of EMPEROR JIAQING’s reign, JIAQING manages to convince HESHEN’s son FENGSHEN-YINDE (Matthew Ho) and confidant FUCHANG’AN (Joel Chan) to turn their coat, seeking to sweepingly eliminate HESHEN and his cronies. But, wily HESHEN comes prepared. Facing JIAQING’s attacks, he not only manages to solve this crisis, but also turns the tables, exposing the unspeakable secret of ROYAL NOBLE CONSORT (Selena Lee). Suddenly, JIAQING is caught in the crossfire! HESHEN’s second wife CHANG MEI (Elain Yiu) and female confidant DOUKOU (Natalie Tong) act separately inside and outside the imperial court, turning JIAQING’s longtime supporter/own brother PRINCE YONGLIN (Jonathan Cheung) into his enemy. With the White Lotus Sect wreaking havoc nationwide, JIAQING is plugged into despair. However, he is a man with a mandate from heaven……
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