Hospital Ship 醫療船 (Collector’s Edition) Korean Drama DVD

Army doctor board a hospital ship, which is a floating hospital that serves peoples who live on remote islands. But were these doctors interested in helping underprivileged people for free? Not at all. There is the non-army doctor Eun-jae, a cold perfectionist surgeon whose fast-track career was derailed. Kwak Hyun who practices internal medicine is the first army doctor to volunteer for duty on the hospital ship. Then there is the irritating Jae-geol, an oriental medicine doctor who drew the short straw and now has to serve on the hospital ship. A bunch of doctors with different backgrounds find themselves afloat at sea.They are too old to be called youthful doctors as they are all in their thirties. Though they have skills obtained through long years of studying in medical school, their hearts and souls are barren. This is coming-of-age story about doctors who have experience setbacks in life that they are trying to bounce back from while they learn how to be compassionate doctor and pursue fulfilling lives. 他们登上了大海上的简陋医疗站:医疗船。这些医生不是为了在缺医少药的村庄治病救人才来到这里的。突然被甩出人生坦途,冰冷的完美主义外科医生恩彩(河智苑饰),有史以来唯一主动要求到医疗船工作的公共保健医生郭贤(姜敏赫饰),因为手气不好抽签来到医疗船,倒霉而脾气暴躁的韩医在杰(李瑞元饰)。他们在人生的茫茫大海上漂流,在医疗船上相遇。30岁是不好意思说是青春,也不完全算是大人的年纪。他们的脑子和手里很充实,但内心空虚。如今面对真正的人生,向着真正的医生,真正的成年人和真正幸福人生的航海开始了。
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