Love In Trouble 奇怪的搭檔 (Collector’s Edition) Korean Drama DVD

Noh Ji-wook (by Ji Chang-wook), a prosecutor, met Eun Bong-hee (by Nam Ji-hyun), a 1st year judicial trainee for the first time in unexpected embracing incident. Three months later, they meet again as a supervisor and probationer. Things getting worse when Bong-hee suddenly gets caught as a suspect for he ex-boyfriend’s murder. While she becomes a defendant and Ji-wook who is known as a harsh prosecutor, what will he do next? 盧智旭(池昌旭飾)為了替父親實現夢想而成為檢察官,外貌與才華並存的他後因故轉行成為律師。殷奉熙(南志鉉飾)是一名跆拳道少年國家代表出身的司法研修生。因一場神秘事件,殷奉熙意外成為了犯罪嫌疑人。為了找出真兇,現為律師的盧智旭和身為實習檢察官的她變組起了“奇怪的搭檔”。
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