黄金花 Tomorrow Is Another Day (DVD)

黄太太,视家庭重于一切,可惜老公爱上狐狸精丹凤眼!她为了不成为失败的女人,生起杀死丹凤眼的复仇计划!怎料,陈太太等家庭主妇无意中揭破黄太太的密谋,她们从惊慌慢慢变成支持,这复仇计划仿佛变成她们重拾青春的旅程!逐步迈向目标之际,上天的一个启示让黄太太猛然醒悟:成为真正不再失败的女人,原来还有更好的出路… Mrs Wong regards her family above everything but her husband falls in love with a woman with almonds eye. To save herself from becoming a loser, Wong comes up with a revenge plan to kill this almond-eyed woman. Unfortunately, her secret plan is accidentally exposed by Mrs Chan and her other housewife friends. They are shocked at first and gradually change to support her. The revenge plan seems to turn into a journey for reinvigorating their youth. As the target is getting nearer, a sign from Heaven lets Wong come to a sudden awakening. To become a woman who never loses again, there are actually better ways…
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