宮心計2深宮計 Deep in the Realm of Conscience (TVB Drama DVD)

唐隆年間,李隆基(馬浚偉)聯同姑姑太平公主(陳煒)發動政變,將蠶食法統的韋氏(米雪)就地正法,擁護相王李旦(李龍基)重回大統!看似重歸平靜的太極深宮,實則暗流湧動……朝堂之上,風雲色變,李隆基與太平公主陣營分化,勢成水火!深宮之中,以主理尚宮局的王蓁(胡定欣)為首與眾妃嬪角力,爾虞我詐!有人因高權重位捨棄良心,亦有人為至親至愛放棄一切!龍武軍任三恕(馬國明)與伺機復仇的何離(蕭正楠)、女史元玥(劉心悠)與甘若芊(黃心穎),四人真情本性,為深宮綴上一筆浪漫……深宮禁苑,懸案叢生!抽絲剝繭後,揭露出一個個塵封多年的驚天秘密;!高牆掩映下,上演著一幕幕蕩氣迴腸的愛恨情仇…… During the reign of Emperor Shang of Tang, LI LONGJI (Steven Ma) and his aunt PRINCESS TAIPING (Alice Chan) launch a coup that kills ambitions power-seeking EMPRESS WEI (Michelle Yim), restoring PRINCE OF XIANG, LI DAN (Li Hung Kay) to his throne! Beneath the palace’s tranquil facade lurks an undercurrent of tension…… At the imperial court, the rivalry between LI LONGJI and PRINCESS TAIPING intensifies, like oil and water! Within the palace, the infighting between the head of Imperial Household Bureau, WANG ZHEN (Nancy Wu), and the consorts is running rampant! Some people act against their conscience for power, while others give up everything else for the sake of their loved ones! The genuine characters demonstrated by Longwu Guard REN SANSHU (Kenneth Ma), revenge seeker HE LI (Edwin Siu), Scribes YUAN YUE (Annie Liu) and GAN RUOQIAN (Jacqueline Wong) embellish the palace with a touch of romance…… Deep in the palace, layers of mystery surrounding horrifying secrets are exposed! Beyond the walls, soul-stirring love and hate stories are staged……
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