引爆者 Explosion (DVD)

赵旭东(段奕宏饰)是一名矿山炮工,与饭馆老板娘萧红(余男饰)相互吸引准备结婚。然而一次爆破引发了矿难,死里逃生的赵旭东心生疑窦开始进行调查,他随即陷入了矿主、商会老板等一系列利益集团的漩涡之中,遭遇到了杀手的追杀和警察的追捕。在内心深处,赵旭东的良知和懦弱在缠斗,压迫和愤怒则点燃了他的血性。在对家人的保护以及正义的驱使下,赵旭东绝境求生,大仇得报,英雄归来。 Zhao Xu Dong is a blaster technician in the mining town of Hongliang. When a mine explosion occurs underground and kills four workers, Zhao is left the sole survivor. Doubtful that the explosion was a mere accident, Zhao investigates further. However, miner Wang San Bai and mine owner Li Yi are murdered. As the body count increases, Zhao becomes the prime suspect, and he must use his skills as a blaster to clear his name.
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