芳华 Youth (DVD)

影片讲述了在充满理想和激情的军队文工团,一群正值芳华的青春少年,经历着成长中的爱情萌发与充斥变数的人生命运。质朴善良的刘峰因为经常为大家服务,在文工团被称为“活雷锋”、“万金油”。从农村来到军队文工团的何小萍,因“不良习气”屡次遭到文工团女兵萧穗子、林丁丁、郝淑雯等人的歧视与排斥。刘峰、何小萍、萧穗子、林丁丁、郝淑雯、陈灿等人情感缠绕、交集,大时代的背景之下,每个人的命运大相径庭,却都拥有着出人意料的人生归宿。 HE XIAOPING faces discrimination because of a family scandal. She hopes to start over in a new place, but finds that the shame has followed her to Chengdu. LIU FENG is well-liked within the group but he has unrequited crush on the lead solo LIN DINGDING. Liu Feng experiences the pain of rejection and is expelled from the group when he makes an unwelcomed advance on her. He Xiaoping is heartbroken because she had secret feelings for Liu Feng… Each of the members of the art troupe all learn lessons in this coming-of-age story. Their paths have led to different places and different experiences.
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