棟仁的時光 Stealing Seconds (TVB Drama DVD)

策劃公司監製曾棟仁(袁偉豪飾)受老闆壓迫苛求和應付下屬怨懟,每天為繁重工作疲於奔命,直至一天差點猝死,幸得救護員程敏琦(唐詩詠飾)以人工呼吸將他救活,及後始知自己續命要靠接吻來偷取別人的時間,他善用這優勢,在工作、親情及友情上出現大逆轉;可惜,敏琦卻因他承受沉重代價,婚禮失約之餘,未婚夫周德琛(楊潮凱飾)亦無故失蹤。棟仁為助敏琦重拾鬥志,接手德琛的咖啡店經營,不單結識咖啡師羅瑞楠(胡鴻鈞飾),更重遇兒時好友莫熙蓮(朱晨麗飾),任教鋼管舞的熙蓮不乏裙下之臣,唯對棟仁情有獨鍾,但棟仁背負續命的包袱與日久生情的敏琦,落入相愛不能愛的苦澀…… Caught between an overly demanding boss and passive-aggressive employees, Planning Company Executive Producer TSANG TUNG-YAN (Benjamin Yuen) is always on the run until one day he has a narrow escape from death. Fortunately, he is saved by a paramedic CHING MAN-KEI (Natalie Tong) who performs CPR on him. After that, TUNG-YAN finds himself capable of stealing the time of the others through kissing to extend his own life. He turns this to his advantage, resulting in a major life change, including his career, family relationship and friendship. Yet, MAN-KEI pays a heavy price for this. Not only did she miss her wedding, but her fiancé CHOW TAK-SUM (Yeung Chiu Hoi) is nowhere to be found. To help MAN-KEI pull herself together, TUNG-YAN takes over TAK-SUM’s coffee shop. In the process, he gets to know Barista LAW SHUI-LAM (Hubert Wu), and even re-encounters his childhood best friend MOK HEI-LIN (Rebecca Zhu). Though Pole dance teacher HEI-LIN has no lack of suitors, she only has eyes for TUNG-YAN. However, the life-extending burden and his love for MAN-KEI impale TUNG-YAN on the horns of a dilemma……
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