三個女人一個因 Threesome (TVB Drama DVD)

生於司法界的方以因(黃智雯),拜律政界紅人歐陽一波(李國麟)為師,成績出眾,但學滿師後卻倒戈相向轉做職業大律師,經常與師傅在庭上針鋒相對。以因一直隱瞞自己有多重人格問題,次人格是狂野玩家菠蘿椰奶(黃智雯),好勇鬥狠、另一個則是愁擘擘(黃智雯),為怕人事悲觀,愁眉苦臉,而得知此秘密的利東家(袁偉豪)趁勢要脅以因聘他為實習生,以因為保自己能順利下嫁城中鑽石王老五紀驍勇(陳智燊),無奈答應,兩人逐漸展開一段別開生面的經歷,因為人格會突然轉換,經常另一因在庭上醜態百出,鬧出不少笑料;而唯一知道以因病原只有母親華綺思(黃淑儀),可惜,綺思對往事絕口不提。期間東佳更與椰奶和擘擘建成好友,以因除後患,決心令她們一同消失…… Born into a family of legal professionals, FONG YEE-YAN (Mandy Wong) is the mentee of the prominent lawyer AU YEUNG YAT-PO (Joseph Lee), achieving outstanding results in study. However, she changes sides upon completing the mentorship and becomes a barrister, constantly going head-to-head with her mentor in court. YEE-YAN has concealed the fact that she has dissociative identity disorder. Her second personality is a wild risk-taker called PINA COLADA (Mandy Wong) who is a pessimistic and sad personality called SADNESS (Mandy Wong). Discovering her secret, LEE TONG-KAI (Benjamin Yuen) takes advantage of this and makes her take him as pupil, leaving her no other choice but to agree so as to avoid interfering with her marrying the wealthy bachelor KEI HIU-YONG (Jason Chan). A novel experience between the two has since developed. Due to a sudden switch of the personality, YEE-YAN often Make a fool of herself in court; whereas the only one who knows the cause of her illness is her mother FONG WAH YEE-SZE (Gigi Wong). Unfortunately, YEE-SZE remains silents on the issue. Gradually, TONG-KAI befriends PINA-COLADA and SADNESS. To settle the matter once and for all, YEE-YAN is determined to make the disappear……
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