果欄中的江湖大嫂 Apple-colada (TVB Drama DVD)

嫁到馬來西亞做大嫂的李夢露(陳煒)因身負巨債,逼不得已回港投靠姪女李樂怡(岑麗香),二人性格南轅北轍,不時發生齟齬,但意外得知親兄本有一檔果欄被馮大堅(黃光亮)及其姪子馮寶(黃浩然)私侵,為要搶回業權,展開一連串軟硬兼備的攻勢,鬧出不少笑話與風波。樂怡同窗黃有財(楊明)是麻油地熱心社工邂逅奇女子陳玉敏(馮盈盈),且糾纏於果欄於江湖的是非之間,夢露、樂怡及玉敏三女子經歷多翻轉折,令到本來守舊缺乏朝氣的果欄起了翻天地覆的變化…… Once married into wealth but now debt-ridden, LEE MUNG-LU (Alice Chan) returns to Hong Kong from Malaysia to seek refuge with her niece LEE LOK-YEE (Eliza Sam). They are poles apart, often bricking. By chance, MUNG-LU learns that the fruit market owned by her elder brother was seized by FUNG TAI-KIN (Wong Kwong Leung) and his nephew FUNG BO (Rayong Wong). She seeks to reclaim the property by hook or by crook but ends up in hilarious chaos. LOK-YEE and her schoolmate WONG YAU-CHOI (Mat Yeung) are social workers devoted to helping others in Yau Ma Tei. They encounter legendary CHAN YUK-MAN (Crystal Fung) and get caught up in a controversy surrounding the fruit market and the society. Having gone through many ups and downs, MUNG-LU, LOK-YEE and YUK-MAN eventually bring significant change to the out-of-date fruit market……
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