Bleeding Steel 机器之血 (DVD)

十三年前,在警局身居要職的林東不得不為了護送證人Dr. James而離開生命垂危的小女兒西西;十三年後,已經遠走國外的林東一直默默維護著少女Nancy的平靜生活,不時暗中出手相助。 但是科幻小說《機器之血》的出版卻打破了這份平靜,Nancy身上的秘密終究被人察覺。無意中得到Nancy資料的李森突然出現,懷揣目的接近她的生活;而十三年前便妄圖擄走Dr. James的生化人安德烈也再次出手,多次纏鬥之後抓走Nancy。林東不得不以身犯險,帶著助手和李森前去解救。 Thirteen years ago, Lindong, an UNSS agent who was involved in protecting Dr James as well as his scientific discovery had to leave his sick and dying daughter Xixi during a mission. Since then, Lindong has gone abroad under another identity and silently protects a girl Nancy (who is actually Xi Xi under another identity) from afar. But the publication of the new sci-fi novel – Bleeding Steel broke the peace. The secret behind Nancy’s survival is threatening her safety. Leeson (Show Lo) appears on the pretext of befriending Xi Xi and protecting her. Cyborg Andre who killed Dr James and was heavily injured by Lindong thirteen years ago tries to capture Nancy in hope of finding a remedy for his injuries through her. Lindong risks his life and tries to rescue Nancy with his assistant and Leeson.
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