Watch Out Boss 波士早晨 (TVB Drama DVD)

It’s said the office feels like a warzone. There are no eternal enemies or friends, only eternal and perpetual interests! Secretary to Marketing Director, LO JOY-LAM (Flora Chan), who is highly regarded by her superior, SUNG LAI-KAN (Lee Chi Hung), is dubbed the “Queen” in the company. She and the Sales Director, HONG SHING-YU (Tony Hung), are often caught in the corporate rat-race. Armed to the teeth everyday for work, SHING-YU’s secretary, YIU LOK-SZE (Ali Lee) often get by on her looks despite her mistakes, to which JOY-LAM couldn’t care less about because she always easily out-wits her. Recently, the company is developing a new brand, and both departments have their eyes on it. Unexpectedly, the senior management hires outsider HUI LAP-KIU (Ben Wong) to be the Marketing Director for the newly developed brand, which greatly startles JOY-LAM. Apart from that, JOY-LAM is also busy assisting the grandson of the owner WING CHUN-HEI (Steven Cheung). With each experiencing significant change in their situation, the relationship of LAP-KIU and JOY-LAM as an ex-couple is gradually exposed, inflaming tensions among the minefield of company politics. What’s more, even the longstanding ties between the traditional duo of boss and secretary take on a new significance every single day…… 职场如战场,办公室内没有永远的朋友和敌人,只有利益共享者!市场部高级秘书路在林(陈慧珊)一直深受上司市场部总监宋礼勤(李子雄)重用,被封为公司秘书王,与敌对阵营的销售部总监康承宇(洪永城)经常斗个你死我活,其秘书小姐洛施(李佳芯)更是天天以战斗格上班,只懂得恃靓行凶来掩饰错失,但在林眼中却视她如无物,总轻易以智取胜。适逢公司积极发展新品牌,逐成两家必争之地,誰料上层外聘许立喬(黄智贤)出任新品牌的市场部总监,令在林大吃一惊之余,更要忙于侍候太子爷荣晋熙(张致恒),公司各方势力出现大逆转,加上立喬与在林原是前夫妻的关系亦渐渐曝光,办公室政治气温急剧上升,就连上司与秘书荣辱与共的戏码更是天天新款……
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