Tiger Mom Blues 親親我好媽 (TVB Drama DVD)

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Tiger Mom Blues is a 2017 Hong Kong Drama produced by Kwan Wing-chung and TVB. It stars Michelle Yim, Sharon Chan, Elena Kong, Ben Wong, Koni Lui and Kaman Kong.《亲亲我好妈》是一部时装温情电视剧,由江美仪、黄智贤、陈敏之及米雪领衔主演,并由吕慧仪、何广沛、江嘉敏、韦家雄、卢宛茵及曾伟权联合主演,监制关永忠。故事透过香港教育制度、怪兽家长、生活压力等社会话题,带出家庭伦理。

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Product Information
Audio Tracks: Cantonese | Chinese
Subtitle: English | Chinese
Rated: PG
Release Date: 12/05/2017
Number of episodes: 20
Number of dice: 4 High Definition DVDs

Tiger Mom Blues 親親我好媽 Synopsis

Raised by “Tiger Mom” Eliz Yu, stay-at-home mom Natalie Cha, who is deeply influenced by her strict upbringing, adopts an autocratic parenting style to raise her two daughters. It leads to resentment among them, especially for her elder daughter Venus Yim. Meanwhile, her husband Yim Ha, who has a softer approach in raising their children, faces a midlife crisis and the temptation of an extramarital affair, which estranges the couple.

Despite being extremely strict with her children, Natalie is very tough and often contends with another member of St. Gabriel School’s parent-teacher association (PTA), Rebecca Yuen. The two eventually become friends, thanks to Natalie’s friend and the dean of discipline at St. Gabriel, Claire Man.

Natalie wants her children to be successful academically, but finds out that Venus is dating Claire’s younger brother, Hayden Man. Eventually, a secret Natalie has been keeping for over a decade comes out into the open, souring the mother-daughter relationship.



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