The Little Nyonya 小娘惹 (DVD)

The Little Nyonya is a 2008 drama serial on Singapore’s free-to-air MediaCorp TV Channel 8. The storyline, which circles around the biographical flashback of an extended Peranakan family in Malacca, is set in the 1930s and spans to over 70 years and several generations of three families. The series was partly sponsored by the Media Development Authority of Singapore. It is known as Best Drama Serial in 2010 Star Awards. Produced by MediaCorp in commemoration of the channel’s 45-year anniversary (45载光芒·8方贺台庆), the series has been acclaimed by viewers and critics, and raked the highest viewership in the country in 14 years. The success of The Little Nyonya has led to the show being broadcast internationally. The series became the first ever Singaporean Chinese drama to be dubbed in Malay and aired on Malay-language channel Suria. 《小娘惹》是一部由新加坡新传媒电视制播的华语电视剧集,也是新传媒电视45周年台庆剧。此剧由新加坡政府的媒体发展管理局赞助拍摄,并且使用了约两年时间计划和拍摄。制作期间动用了约150名员工,是新加坡电视史上一大制作。

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Product Description

It is known as Best Drama Serial in 2010 Star Awards.

The Little Nyonya 小娘惹 Preview

Audio: Mandarin
Subtitles: English / Chinese
Number of Episodes: 34
Quality: DVD-9 (High Definition DVD)

The Little Nyonya 小娘惹 Synopsis 剧情简介

The story begins from the 1930s, spanning over 70 years till modern day.
Ju Xiang is born into a big Peranakan family where her mum is a mistress. During the World War, Ju Xiang is tortured and both she and her husband die, leaving behind their 8-year-old daughter Yue Niang. After the war, Yue Niang’s maternal relatives who ran away to England to seek refuge during wartime return home. Yue Niang then leads the life of her mother – always discriminated, beaten up and tortured. Yue Niang is then sold to a butcher, Liu Yi Dao. However, Yue Niang’s strong personality impresses Liu Yi Dao and they become sworn siblings instead. Yue Niang decides to choose her own path in life. She begins learning how to run a business and she manages to overcome the odds and save her declining family business. Sadly, her love life has yet to begin a new chapter with no news about her lover, Chen Xi…



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