Good Manager 金科长 (Korean Drama DVD) (Collector’s Edition)

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Good Manager is a Korean drama starring Namkoong Min, Nam Sang-mi, Lee Jun-ho and Jung Hye-sung.


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“Can corporate politics turn a bad person into a good person?”

Product Information
Alternative Name: Chief Kim | 김과장 | 金科長
Starring: Nam Koong Min (南宫珉) | Nam Sang Mi  (南相美) | Lee Jun Ho (李俊昊) | Jung Hye Sung (郑慧星)
Audio Tracks: Dolby Digital 5.1 Korean / Mandarin
Subtitle: English | Chinese
Dics format: DVD-9 (NTSC 2.0 Stereo)
Release date: 15 September 2017
Number of episodes: 20
Number of dics: 5 High Definition DVDs

Good Manager 金科长 Synopsis

Kim Sung Ryong (Nam Goong Min) is a skilled accountant who works for gangsters. He makes his way into a company called TQ Group as a middle manager in the accounting department with the intention of embezzling money from the company so that he can retire to his beloved Denmark.

Prosecutor-turned-corporate hired gun Seo Yool (Lee Jun Ho) brings Sung Ryong into the company because he assumes that Sung Ryong would be easy to control and will look the other way with all the financial corruption going on in the company under the direction of Chairman Park Hyun Do (Park Young Gyu). As Sung Ryong tries to work with assistant director, Yoon Ha Kyung (Nam Sang Mi), and the rest of the hard-working staff in the accounting department, he somehow ends up foiling the company’s many attempts to bulldoze over the rights of its employees……

Sung Ryong’s mindset begins to change about what exactly he came to to TQ Group to do. Can he succeed at his new objective against all odds?


《金科长》由《Beautiful Mind》李在勋导演执导与《Blood》朴才范编剧联手打造的作品。讲述的是为地方黑帮公司管理资金,克扣和偷吃的专家金成龙(南宫珉 饰)想大捞一笔从而千辛万苦进入TQ集团成为财务课课长。他原本以为梦想即将成真,不料却站在了反腐败斗争的最前列,让公司死里逃生。偶然间入职国内数一数二的流通企业财务部,进而逗趣地展示了其以特有的技巧和口才为解决公司危机孤军奋战的过程…… 是一部办公室喜剧。


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