Burning Hands 乘胜狙击 (TVB Drama DVD)

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Burning Hands is a Hong Kong crime television drama produced by Yip Chan-fai and TVB. The plot follows a team of con artists and illusionists, who are hired by a casino tycoon to find the mastermind behind his casino’s embezzled funds. But the leader of the gang, Chak Koon-yat, has his own reasons for helping the mogul.

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千门七杰 为娱乐城调查内奸
野心庞大 藉爱情关系满足利欲
捍卫正义 甘于撇下所爱及兄弟情
谁是赢家 有情与无情的对战

Product Information
Starring: Ruco Chan (陈展鹏) | Rosina Lam (林夏薇) | Hugo Ng (吴岱融) | Joel Chang (陈山聪)
Rated: PG13
Audio Tracks: Cantonese | Chinese
Subtitle: English | Chinese
Number of episodes: 28
Number of dics: 5 DVD

Burning Hands 乘胜狙击 Synopsis

“Yat Gor” Chak Koon-yat, “Win Jeh” Ho Ching-fa, and “Yee Jai” Hugo Ng have followed their master Szeto Sing to learn con tricks and illusions since childhood. Yat and Fa grow fond of each other over the years, but a competition estranges them and they lose contact. In order to flush out the mole, a casino tycoon named Fok Chun-sing colludes with Szeto to induce Yat and Hugo into taking up a secret mission, resulting in their reunion with Fa. With each of them possessing a unique talent, they gradually uncover that the mole might be Fok’s right-hand man Lam Lui, confidant Yau Yuet-wah, or one of their rivals.

But nothing is as it seems. To come into terms to why Fok killed his father Chiang Tin-lung twenty years ago, Yat infiltrates the Chun Sing Group, dealing a crushing blow to the crisis-ridden casino. That leads to an enmity between siblings, total severance of the master-disciple relationship, and irreconcilable differences between father and son.

千王司徒省(潘志文 饰)在不同场合下认识各具能力的七个人,包括:千术了得的翟冠一(陈展鹏 饰),魔术师伍柏义(陈山聪 饰),雀后何正花(林夏薇 饰),MMA拳手丁权(林子善 饰),负责接收情报的吴世峰(黄长兴 饰),接载走佬车手李享(徐荣 饰),以及千脸变身女郎苏丽芬(赵希洛 饰),将她们招揽到自己旗下的老千团队。
赌王霍骏升(单立文 饰)与千王相识于微时,因自己开设的赌场娱乐城出现有人穿柜桶底,找到千王与七人团队,通过千术帮助自己找到内鬼。。。。


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