One More Time (DVD)

One More Time tells the story of Jude (Amber Heard – The Danish Girl), a musically gifted rock chick, wasting away her talents recording jingles in The Big Apple to make ends meet. When gets evicted, Jude is forced to retreat to her father’s mansion in the Hamptons. Her father Paul (Academy Award Winner* Christopher Walken – Jersey Boys) is a semi-retied famous crooner and notorious ladies’ man who’s far more interested in his own comeback than his daughter’s ruinous life issues. Jude’s over achieving sister Corinne proves just why the Lombard family gets called an eccentric band of misfits. As Jude must find a way to get her life back on track amidst the family mayhem, the Lombard’s reconnect through their love of music and zest for life. Selected for the Tribeca Film Festival, One More Time is an endearing comedy drama featuring career defining performances from Christopher Walken and Amber Heard. Prepare to smile, laugh and be moved.
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