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Main cast: Kim Rae Won as Sung Chan, Nam Sang Mi as Jin Soo, Kim So Yun as Joo Hee, Kwon Oh Joong as Oh Bong Joo. Director: Lee Jin Seck Total Episodes: 28 Audio Tracks: Korean, Mandarin Subtitle: English, Chinese Rated: PG Studio: SBS Release Date: 2008-June-16 Production Year: 2008 Running Time: Approx. 1680 min (28 Episodes) No. of Disc: 3
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Technical Infomation
Format: NTSC

Dvd: Dvd 9 Dual Layer

Video: Mpeg 2

Audio: Dolby Digital AC3

Audio Channels: 2

Aspect Ratio: 4:3

Resolution: 720×480 px

Format: NTSC

Region code: All Countries

Special Features: Interactive Menus, Scene Selections

Kim Rae-Won stars as the warm hearted chef-in-training Lee Sung-Chan, while actress Nam Sang-Mi plays a silly country girl, Kim Jin-soo, who trails Lee with high hopes of becoming a food columnist. Veteran actor Choi Bul-Am appears as Master Oh Sook-soo, Lee’s stepfather and the only person who truly believes in Lee’s potential.

云岩亭是代表大韩民国最高水准的料理机构,每到换届时会选出一名最强的弟子担任继承人,这一届出现了两个料理高材生,天赋极高的成灿(金康宇 饰)和野心勃勃的奉洙(林元熙 饰)。在最后的比试中,奉洙用卑鄙的手段设局,自己中选的同时,还将成灿赶出了云岩亭。五年之后,争夺自朝鲜王朝流传下来的“带令熟手刀”的料理大赛即将拉开序幕,各路高手纷纷赶来,意气风发的奉洙对此也是虎视眈眈。而成灿,终于在美食记者智秀(李荷娜 饰)的鼓励下,走出了当年失败的阴影,准备和奉洙再次一决高下,夺回本该属于自己的一切。


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Gourmet (Sikgaek)
Gourmet (Sikgaek)


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