A Tale of Three Cities 三城记

Main cast: Sean Lau Tang Wei Qin Hailu Jing Boran Huang Jue Elaine Jin Li Jianyi Director: Mabel Cheung Genre: Drama | Romance | War Audio Tracks: Mandarin Subtitle: Chinese and English  Rated: PG13 Release Date: 16/02/16 Running Time: Approx. 130 min
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A Tale of Three Cities 三城记 Synopsis

Set in turbulent China in the late 1930’s during the Sino-Japanese War, FANG (Sean Lau) falls in love with CHEN (Tang Wei). However, Fang’s former life of espionage makes him the target of both the Nationalists and the Communists. Together, they struggle across the country in an attempt to flee from his past, but the surrounding danger forces them to separate not only from each other, but also from their own children. Through the bombings of Shanghai, the massacres in Nanjing, and other atrocities that are born through war, their unbreakable bond gives them the strength and courage to endure. Through amazing twists of fate, they overcome insurmountable odds, encounter amazing individuals, and experience heart-warming miracles. Based on a miraculous true story and brought to the screen by two of Asia’s biggest stars, the love between Fang and Chen reflects a generation’s strength in a time of despair, and a country’s hope for a brighter future.

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